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Panel and Apps for NIOX


A range of software applications with additional features provided as one download for installation on a Windows PC or tablet. If you wish to view system requirements or want more specific information on the software suite, please read the NIOX Patient Manual.

NIOX Apps is provided free of charge for users in the US who have purchased a NIOX device.


NIOX PANEL is a software application that provides a visual aid that allows the user to operate the instrument from a PC and store measurements in the database.

NIOX Panel includes the following features:

  • A choice of 3 different animations
  • The device can be remotely operated from a Windows PC/tablet using either the supplied USB cable or Bluetooth
  • A service log can be downloaded to assist with troubleshooting done by NIOX Technical Support
  • NIOX Cloud Connection
    • - A lifetime warranty is granted for a NIOX device that is connected to the NIOX cloud service and synchronized on a monthly basis.
    • - Microsoft Azure secure cloud service will automatically transmit technical data from the device via Internet to Circassia.
    • - Technical data may include time stamps, alert codes, temperature, humidity, battery condition, and number of remaining measurements on the device, sensor, and scrubber, all to provide better service and support. No ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) is collected by Circassia.
  • NIOX Panel is the application used to update device firmware.

NIOX PATIENT is designed to manage patient records and, measurements, and to create reports. The reports created can be exported into MS Word or in a PDF format for easy entry into EMRs.

NIOX QC (Quality Control) enables the application user to view QC users, QC measurements, and instruments with measurements stored in the database. It is also possible to create a report of a QC user or an instrument.

NIOX Database allows the user to select between no database, local database, and centralized database that can accommodate multiple computer workstations. NIOX Database, in conjunction with a SQL Server, can be used to setup a centralized database schema that allows your devices and computers to connect to a single patient database across sites.

NIOX Admin is designed to be used by the administrator for defining NIOX users, QC users, physicians, administration of database, customization of reports, manage instruments, and data export.

If you have any questions about NIOX Apps or would like a demonstration, please reach out to our technical support staff by calling 1-866-275-6469, option 2 or by email at

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